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Chapter 1

Samantha sat in the waiting room of the E.R anxiously, as she'd been doing for the better part of an hour. It all started when she'd gotten the call at work from her brother, saying that her dad had been rushed to the hospital. The reason was obvious to her, but still a shock all the same, alcohol poisoning.

Her brother had stopped by to see how her dad was doing late that morning, and he was worried since their father had called in late for work the past couple of days; it was a small town so word got around very quickly. Also being the bouncer at a bar, all of the locals that their dad went to work for stopped by frequently to unwind after their shifts, so he went to go and check it out.

Terry, which was their father's name, was found splayed out in the middle of the living room face down with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. So it was pretty obvious what the cause was.

So here they were, sitting in the waiting room, getting nearly sick from the over powering smell of sterilizers, and waiting for the doctor to sometime make an appearance. She wasn't surprised at all that this had happened, in fact she was surprised it hadn't happened sooner, but she was glad that she hadn't been the one to find him, she didn't think that she could have handled that.

The doctor finally came walking down the hall to inform them of the news, though it was hard to spot him because the white coat melded into the white walls, and the white floors, and the white everything… it reminded Samantha of an insane asylum.

The grim look that she saw on the doctors face when he got closer was all that Samantha needed to know, he was tall and dark with a Scottish accent that fascinated her. You wouldn't be focusing on what he was saying because you were just entranced in the sound of the accent.

Though that didn't seem to phase her brother Jason at all, because once he saw the doctor he bolted straight up and walked briskly over to the man. The nurse walking beside the doctor listening to his directions balked at the sight of Jason. He wasn't horrific in terms of looks, but he was a very burly man, and when you worked as a bouncer, you had to be in shape. Jason was as in shape as the men on the Bowflex adds, and when you saw someone like that, you were intimidated.

"So what's the word on our dad?" Samantha asked, coming up behind Jason to reassure the nurse that he was about as harmful as a teddy bear.

"Oh… well your father… we managed to get his stomach pumped in time to get rid of the alcohol poisoning… but…" she turned to Jason," when you found him, was he laying down?"

"Well yeah, that's how I knew there was something wrong with him."

"Okay that explains it… well we believe when he passed out from too much alcohol consumption that he hit his head on something like furniture, because we found a concussion and he's not waking up."

"You mean he's dead?" Jason asked, starting to panic.

"No, no, his vitals are somehow stable… somehow, we don't really know how being for how long he was like that, but he's just in a coma right now."

"Well… what do we do now? Can we go back and see him?"

"You could but there's no point since he's not conscious, and he's not in the greatest condition right now, I don't think you should see him, though I can't stop you. The best thing that you can do right now is go home and get some rest, we'll call you the moment something happens."

They both  agreed that it was best thing that they could do at the moment, and while Jason went over to fill out paper work, Samantha walked over to Jason's girlfriend Tonya, and filled her in on what was going on.

"Dad's in a coma."

Her honey brown eyes widened," what? How?"

"They figure he hit his head on something when he passed out. there's nothing more that we can do right now but go home," she looked and saw Jason walking over," I'd better give them my number too, since I'm living with dad," she said, getting up and walking towards the desk, she didn't get far once Jason grabbed her by the collar of her coat and pulled her back," and why would you do that? You're going to be living with us."

Samantha looked at him dumbfounded," absolutely not, I couldn't impose like that."

"You're not imposing on anything. Besides, I'd be the shittiest brother on the face of the earth if I let you live all alone in that house."

Yeah where were you when I needed to move out before, she thought darkly," fine, but only until dad gets better, I'm not mooching on you guys."
- - - -

The apartment that Jason and Tonya rented was a two room on the third floor. Jason moved out the moment that he turned eighteen, he was now twenty one, and there had been a lot that had built up in that second room of extra stuff; especially when Tonya moved in. now they were hastily trying to find a place for everything.

"It'll take a couple of days for us to get everything sorted out," Jason explained," so spend them getting everything ready."

"But I'm only temporarily living here," Samantha argued," I can just crash on the couch or something."

"No you're not. You're moving in. Should have done this a long time ago."
"Thanks for warning me," Samantha laughed," I'm at least paying rent."

"No you're not… and what are you going to pay it with? You're a part time waitress. Good God don't worry, you barely eat anything, so you're not imposing at all."

There was no point in arguing with Jason, because once he was determined on something, it was going to happen whether you went kicking and screaming. If you went quietly you at least saved the energy. Besides, it would be nice to have a change of scenery.

So while they were sorting things out in the apartment, Samantha was busy sorting things out in her room, which was mainly where she lived, compared to the rest of the house that her dad dominated. There was no point in going through the rest of the house when her father was drinking. You barely had a chance to get something to eat before you had to dash back up the stairs…

- - - -

She was fifteen, and Jason had just moved out to his apartment, there had been a huge fight between them earlier that day, and the only way that her dad knew how to cope was to run to the bottle.

She went downstairs, this was about two hours after he had opened his first bottle. She figured if she gave it time he would calm down and she wouldn't get the brunt of things, plus with the way that he drank his calm would be a drunken stupor.

The only reason that she was going down at all was because she was starving. It was now nine o'clock at night, and the last time that she'd eaten was lunch. She needed to eat or she was never going to sleep with the damn hunger pains.

She managed to get down the stairs without hitting any of the creaks, and from the bottom of the steps she could see straight into the living room; see the back of her dad's EZ Boy chair, and the eerie blue glow of the television that served as her only source of light as she headed to her right into the kitchen.

She opened the fridge as quietly as she could, but the clinking of the beer bottles on the inside of the fridge doors betrayed her presence.

"Who's there?" he growled.

She paused, hoping that if she didn't answer he'd go back into his trance, thinking it was the alcohol making him hear things, not the case tonight.

"Who the hell is in my house!"

"It's Samantha," she said through gritted teeth.

"Why didn't you answer me the first time? Where have you been this entire time?" he slurred.

"What are you talking about? I've been in my room the whole time," she snapped, instantly regretting it.

First there was silence, and then he was suddenly there in her face, without any warning what so ever," what did you say to me?" he said in a low, dangerous voice.

Her first instinct was to cower, but she'd done that so many times before she was sick of it. Maybe if she said something in a rational voice he'd calm down and go back to sleep," I said I was in my room the time," she said quietly.

"Yeah but you said it in that little smart ass tone, just like you're brother."

"But you didn't-"

There was a hard slap in the face, the force knocking her against the edge of the counter.

"What the hell are you-," but she didn't get to say the rest of her sentence before he grabbed her upper arm and yanked her so close to her face that she could smell the sour Whisky on his breath. That explained why he wasn't passed out, he'd had Whisky, and Whisky made him angry.

"Don't get smart with me," he slurred," you don't have the right, you're not my daughter you ugly creature."

Him being so drunk, she'd managed to squirm out of his grip and bolt for the door to her brother's place. It didn't matter though, the damage had been done, she'd hated him from then on.

- - - -
it's been a very long time since i've written on here, but i figured i write out the first book to this series, since i'm nearly done the second lol so if by miracle there is anyone who reads this they'll know what's going on lol
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Faithlyn Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You're redoing Changeling 'again'? I thought you did this story and finished it, with multiple posts on here. I distinctly remember reading this book on here. =\ I'm confused....

It's good... but I'm confused. v.v >.<
redwerewolf17 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
i did type it up but it got erased before i could put it on here, and i think i managed to get a few chapters here but not the whole book lol that and as i was writing i added a few small details lol i'm just typing this up quick from the binder so you'll understand Queen lol cause it's been a while since you've read this lol i think about 3 years lol
Faithlyn Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
xP Meh. Well however long, I was right wasn't I? It was on here at some point, not all of it, but still some of it. So I'm not as crazy as I think I am. ^_^
redwerewolf17 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
haha everyone's crazy to a certain degree ... hee hee hee hee
Faithlyn Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
~laughs sarcastically~ This I know for certain. ;)
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